The SAS proposals for participation in FP6 projects
are listed in blocks according to the FP6 priority theme structure

Title of the proposals
1: 1.1.1
Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health
1: 1.1.2
Information Society Technologies
1: 1.1.3
Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials and New Production Processes and Devices
1: 1.1.4
Aeronautics and Space
1: 1.1.5
Food Quality and Safety
1: 1.1.6
Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems
1: 1.1.7
Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based society

How to contact proposers from the SAS ?

Each presentation of the particular cooperation proposal contains the full contact data (institute's address, its web-site address, proposerīs name, their phone and e-mail contacts) and the description of the FP6 participation proposal for each item from the list above. Further, some information on the recent international co-operation of a preferred research team and a list of selected publications related to the team's research area are added.