FP6 priority
1.1.3   Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials and New Production Processes and Devices
Title of the proposal

Oxide thin films for cryoelectronics and sensors of magnetic field

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Electrical Engineering
Dubravska cesta 9, 842 39 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Stefan CHROMIK, Ing., DrSc.
+421 2 54775816

Research subject for a potential FP6 project

The aim of our activity is preparation and study of thin films and structures based on oxides with regard to their application for new microelectronic devices. As a basic methods of film preparation magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation and metal-organic chemical vapour deposition is used.Thin film and structures are prepared on the base of superconducting oxides (YBaCuO, TlBaCaCuO, HgBaCaCuO), magnetic oxides (LaMnO3, LaSrMnO3) and high conductivity oxides (RuO2), separated by thin dielectric oxide barriers (SrTiO3, BaSrTiO3) or by artificial barriers.

Improved properties of Hg- based superconducting films on CeO2/R-sapphire substrate are linked with a presence of Re in precursor films. The subjects of study are the properties of interfaces, important for device working. We prepare and study structural and electrical properties of double layer or trilayer structures consisting of superconducting and magnetoresistive films (Tl-Ba-Ca-Cu-O/ LaSrMnO3, Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O/ LaSrMnO3, Tl-Ba-Ca-Cu-O/SrTiO3/ LaSrMnO3, Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O/SrTiO3/ LaSrMnO3) for possible application in spin electronics. Our activity includes also epitaxial insulator oxide films (YSZ, CeO2, SrTiO3, SAT) suitable as buffer layers on the top of technological Si(100), Si(110) and R-sapphire substrates. The effect and origin of super-crystallinity in CeO2 epitaxial thin film is studied too. We realise superconducting structures for measurement of photo-response and thin film resonators.

Recent international cooperation of the research team

LMGP Grenoble, France, Laboratoire de Cristallographie, CNRS Grenoble, France; PAS, Warsaw, Poland; ICMAB Barcelona, Spain, Univ. Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuanie

Proposerīs relevant publications related to the research subject

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