FP6 priority
1.1.3   Nanotechnologies and Nanosciences, Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials and New Production Processes and Devices
Title of the proposal

Effect of biochemical processing conditions on the formation of silicate nanoparticles

Slovak Academy of Science, Institute of Geotechnics
Watsonova 45, 043 53 Kosice, Slovak Republik
+421 55 63 307 90

Research subject for a potential FP6 project

Nanobiotechnologies should represent a new approach to materials science. At present, many articles focus on the importance of chemistry used to modify the surface of the clay. However, bacterial destruction of silicates by Bacillus sp. has also a strong effect on the delaminating and dispersion of the clay platelets. There is ample evidence that biological processing can also form nanoparticles. Such nanoparticles are developed during bioleaching process when the individual silicate mineral grains are destroyed. Bacterial destruction and sorption conditions should have an important influence on the nature of the silicate nanocomposite formed. These extremely thin particles can interact with the plastic polymers to produce very strong and heat resistant products. Our contribution to this field is directed to the separation of the individual layers of clay minerals (e.g. montmorillonite) and to the investigation of optimal leaching conditions in relation to an optimal nanocomposites formation.

Recent international cooperation of the research team

Center for Chemistry and and Chemical Engineering, Department of Biotechnology, LUND, SWEDEN; The Ohio State University, Department of Mikrobiology, Columbus OHIO, USA ; Brierley Consultancy LLC, Highlands Ranch CO, USA; Department of Solid State Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague 6, Czech Republic; Institut fur Mineralogie und Petrologie, Universitatsplatz 2, A – 8010 Graz, Austria

Proposer´s relevant publications related to the research subject

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