Slovak Academy of Sciences


co-operation proposals

Slovak Academy of Sciences
- its structure, goals and activities

The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) is the leading institution which carries out basic and strategic applied research in Slovakia. The SAS supports those scientific disciplines which have attained international level and which are deemed necessary for the advancement of Slovakia.

By its structure, the SAS is subdivided into three scientific sections, that encompass 57 scientific research institutes, and 13 adjunct organisations that provide for support activities.

The composition of the respective sections is as follows:

Section I:
    Earth and Space Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Information Sciences, Technical Sciences
Section II:
   Medical Sciences, Biological and Chemical Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
Section III:
  Social Sciences, Humanities

As regards the SAS international scientific co-operation, its respective scientific institutes rank among prominent institutions involved in joint participation in multilateral projects, mainly the EU framework projects and scientific programme under NATO. Especially the involvement of many SAS institutes in the FP5 of the EU is a success story of the SAS research scientists. As of the end of September 2002, there were 70 participations of the SAS research groups in 67 EC-contracted FP5 projects.

The institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences are ready to exploit the chances provided by the new framework programme of the EU and to co-operate with new partners in all thematic areas of FP6. The SAS presents here 174 offers of thematic proposals by which the SAS research groups could enter FP6 project consortia oriented to solve particular priority research aims.

The SAS researchers would very much appreciate if other researchers, who are also interested to find partners for the joint activities under the FP6 in the related thematic area, would contact them.