The SAS proposals for participation in FP6 projects
are listed in blocks according to the FP6 priority theme structure

Title of the proposals
1: 1.1.6
Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems
Restoration of damaged stands of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in polluted areas of Central Europe using Abies interspecific hybrids
Diversity of forest trees in sympatric zones across Europe
Agro-Environmental Program of the Development of Rural Landscape
Novel Glycosyl Hydrolases and Esterases Involved in Plant Cell Wall Degradation
Environmentally acceptable low-energy cements that are relatively cheap in production and technically similar in use compared to Portland cement
System of energy performance evaluation for new and existing building
Relationship between man and nature under pressure of global change from sustainable development perspective
Contribution to the globalization of greenhouse emission GHE to the growth and susistanable development of society
Optimising of the environmentally friendly tunnelling
Inteligent vibration and shock control in land vehicles
Energy balance and power flows in vehicles and buildings
Minor bodies of the Solar Systemand their interaction with the Earth
Solar Variability as an Input to the Global Change of the Earth\'s Environment
Long-term Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollution by Astronomical Techniques
Global geodynamic events and their impact on the seismic hazard assessment in the Western Carpathian Pannonian Eastern Alpine Bohemian Massif junction area
Landscape changes: recognizing and assessment of the regional differences in Europe
Global changes and mass extinctions during the Permian-Triassic period: heritage for the present and future
Ancient Global Changes indicated in Earth Phanerozoic Climate Evolution
Diversity of yeasts and yeast-like organisms in agricultural soil their activity and survival
Conservation of gene-pool of valued introduced woody plant species in Slovakia for their increasing stability, production and sustainable use
Ecolophysiology and phytopathology problems of woody species in urban environment
Utilization of biological protection methods of Castanea sativa Mill. and species of Quercus, Rhododendron and Skimmia
Variation, ecology, distribution and health condition in original species genus Quercus L. (mainly Q. cerris L.) in Slovakia
Large-scale propagation of trees using biotechnological methods
Suspended sediment load during extreme hydrological events from a small basin
Changes of snowmelt runoff in mountain regions in changing environment
Hydrologic scenarios for the integratedManagement of the quantity and quality of water resources
The influence of extreme metheorological phenomena on soil water regime of lowland areas with respect to biodiversity
Influence of the global climatic changes, natural and antropogenic stress factors on the biodiversity changes of the high-mountains ecosystems
High-mountain vegetation - current state, mapping, changes of species composition of the selected phytocoenoses
Environmental properties of soils of the Borska nizina lowland as a part of Pan-European soil studies
Fauna and its changes in the Borska nizina lowland as a part of faunistic studies in the Pannonian biogeographical region
Beech forests diversity protection in the Male Karpaty Mountains, West Slovakia
Consequences of human impacts to natural and semi-natural ecosystems on blown sands in Slovakia
Human impact to original peat spruce ecosystems of the high-mountain positions in Slovakia
Expression of catalases and biodiversity of microorganisms as a response to oxidative stress of environment.
Environmental impact of the pollution on fish and parasite communities of Tisza River
Environmental evaluation of the urban ecosystems
Land use pattern: evaluation of changes in the historical structure of agricultural landscape for biodiversity